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Elope wedding with a difference

When I met up with a good friend over lunch in Arezzo last October we caught up on all our news and we joked about her eloping to Italy to get married. When I told her I’d organise it for her I was sincere but I didn’t really expect that our chat would actually culminate in a wedding!

By the end of December there had been a proposal and the decision had been made – they really were going to elope to Italy to get married!! Families were informed, the town hall was available so the florist, hairdresser and photographer were contacted, appointments were booked to get the paperwork sorted. Accommodation was arranged in a medieval tower in Figline Valdarno – the groom had wondered about a castle so we came up with the next best thing! In the space of three months everything was in place and we were ready to go.

We’ve organised and assisted on elope weddings before but this elope wedding was slightly different. Giacomo, my husband, is usually on hand behind the scenes at our weddings but this time he was one of the witnesses and I was going to be a guest.

The morning of 4th April was cool, grey and rainy but we had plenty of umbrellas on hand, and nothing was going to put a dampener on Jane and David’s special day. Once we were all ready, the witnesses arrived at the tower and we wandered down to the Palazzo Pretorio in Figline for the civil ceremony which was followed by photos and a cappuccino – the bride’s only ‘must have’ photo request! An aperitivo was waiting for us at Villa Casagrande and then we went down to the restaurant for a wonderfully relaxed lunch.

It was a really lovely day. I could do with a wedding every Friday to start the weekend like this – friends, sisters, anyone else thinking about eloping – drop me a line!

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