Thank you cards


You may still be in the early stages of planning your wedding but as we are super-organised we like to plan ahead!! When you plan your guest list it is a really good idea to save names and addresses on an excel file so you can add a column with details about the gifts you receive and another column to show you have written your thank you cards.

When ordering your save- the-date cards and invitations you can order your thank you cards at the same time. It may work out cheaper because you are placing a bulk order, and your theme will be complete from beginning to end. But there are lots of ways to personalise your thank you cards using official or informal photos from your wedding celebrations, and with lots of great websites such as and snapfish it has never been easier to upload your photos and create your own designs.

A lot of our couples who choose to get married in Italy ask their guests not to buy them anything because the very fact that they will be coming over to share their celebrations is the biggest gift they could give them. But a lot of guests bring presents and cards with them anyway!  In the excitement of welcoming guests and on the wedding day itself it can be easy to lose track of who gave you which gift, especially if the cards get dislodged from the parcels. Try to keep all the cards together with the gifts, tearing open a corner of the wrapping paper to put the card inside the parcel if necessary, and as you open gifts keep a running list of who has given you what so you can refer back to it once you are at home again.

If you receive gifts before your big day then it is a good idea to write thank you notes as you receive them, and once you come back from honeymoon and sit down to write your thank you cards you will almost certainly find it easier to write them in short bursts, rather than attempt a marathon session! Cards should be hand-written, as should the envelopes, and both the bride and the groom should be involved in writing them. In today’s world of computers and technology the personal touch really does make a difference.

As for the wording, refer to your list so you can mention the gift specifically and say why you appreciate it. If you have received cash, you can say how you are planning to spend it (or how you have spent it!). If your guests put money towards your honeymoon you could mention something you saw or did and that you thought of them while you were there. And thank your guests for coming to your wedding and for sharing your special day with you. Gifts may get lost or broken over the years to come, but your memories will remain.

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