Wedding photographer

How to choose your wedding photographer

You’ve chosen your venue and confirmed the date. The next important thing is to choose and book your photographer. No doubt you’ll be looking for someone who can provide you with shots which capture the essence of the day,  the emotions and expressions of you and your guests, as well as recording the smaller details, so you can look back on them for years to come.

First of all you’ll need to think about the kind of style you like and what you are looking  for.  Do you want something contemporary and maybe slightly arty, or do you prefer something more traditional? Do you want a photo album for yourselves as well as keepsakes for close family members? Do you want to have a slideshow with music or a DVD with a film of the day?

Online portfolios will help you, as well as brochures and recommendations – we work with some fantastic photographers! Some couples opt to bring a photographer from home and pay for their flights and accommodation; others prefer to have an Italian photographer.  The language barrier doesn’t have to be an issue at all – Italians tend to use gestures when communicating most of the time and the images speak for themselves!

Once you have made a selection you’ll need to decide what exactly you want.  Do you want engagement photos to send out as a save-the-date card or to use as the front cover of your guest book? Do you want the photographer to capture all of the preparations as well as the moment when you arrive for the ceremony, as well as documenting the reception, perhaps with a photo booth? Or do you want to rely on friends and family for the ‘behind the scenes’ pictures and have a photographer on hand for just a couple of hours to take photos before, during and after the ceremony?  You’ll probably want to avoid a paparazzi style photographer who will be there taking photos and close ups at every step – and I speak from personal experience – much better to find a photographer who will melt into the background and not invade your day!

Many couples opt to have some time out after the ceremony and before joining their guests for the aperitivo in order to have some more intimate shots which make the most of the local backdrops – these are the shots which you’ll really want to have framed. This also allows you to have some time together before heading back for the group shots – if you want them.

It is a really good idea if you can meet the photographer in person before the wedding day. This way you know who you will be sharing some of the most special moments of your lives with, and also to give them a chance to get to know something about you. The more information you can give them about you – as individuals and as a couple –  the better they will do their job on the day.  A good photographer will also want to visit the venue beforehand to assess how the lighting will change during the event, to check out angles and locations for the best pictures, and to look at contingency plans should it rain.

Budget wise, wedding photographers tend to offer packages depending on the number of hours of service and the number of post-produced images you want.  If using an Italy-based photographer you will probably opt to have the images sent to you via web or on CD Rom which you can then take to have printed when you are at home to save on shipping the album – or albums.

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