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Let’s run away and get married in Tuscany…

This summer has seen the start of a new trend – for us at least – with couples eloping to Tuscany to get married.

More and more couples are opting to elope and get married while they are here on holiday. This way they keep their wedding as stress-free, as intimate and as personal as possible  - and why not Рit keeps the costs down too.  Then when they return home, sunkissed and glowing, they can choose how to break the good news to their families and friends.

If this idea appeals to you read on…

In terms of legalities, you will need to procure all the documents required as for any wedding in Italy, and you should allow sufficient time for this process (meaning your elopement won’t be a rash decision!). You will also need two witnesses present at the ceremony, and we are happy to provide them for you if necessary.

In terms of booking a date let us know the dates you’re planning to come on holiday and we will check availability with the town hall of your choice. If you are happy to have a mid-week wedding it will probably be easier to get a slot.

And then the rest is entirely up to you, whether you decide to be whisked away by limousine to your honeymoon destination, or to do something fun that you will both remember for years to come, like a trek on horseback through the vineyards as the sun sets. By eloping you really can make your wedding all about you and your new husband or wife!

Drop us a line if you’re interested…




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