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How can you involve your own children at your wedding?

More and more couples are choosing to tie the knot after having already started a family, and aside from the obvious choice of page boys and bridesmaids there are lots of ways in which you can involve your children.

Invitations – Use a family photo and make your own invitations (for example using, Or have the children draw a picture of you in wedding attire and let them write the wording inside the card – a lovely touch which will make all your guests say ‘Ahhhh’ when they open them up.

Giving the bride and groom away - the children could accompany the groom down the aisle before the bride arrives, the children could accompany the bride, the family could arrive together – the combinations are endless!

Personalised vows – you could include the children’s names in your vows, or you could even ask them if they accept their new family and invite them to say ‘I do’ too.

Symbolism РWhether you are planning a Church wedding or a ceremony in the town hall, there are lots of ways to include a symbolic action to show the unity and creation of a new family unit. Ideas range from lighting a candle to joining hands, from scattering petals around the bride and groom to a sand ceremony, from planting a tree to tying balloons together and letting them off into the sky.

Table plan – you could have a family-only top table, or allow the children to choose the guests who they want to share a table with.

Toast – if you have older children they might feel confident about standing up in front of your guests and inviting them to toast you.

First dance – involve your children! If you can choreograph a short part of your favourite song together this can really add an element of surprise, and will be a special memory for you, the children and your guests.

Honeymoon – why not have a few days away with the children as a ‘family-moon’ before heading off to somewhere just the two of you? Or vice-versa, have a few days away together before taking the children on a special family holiday.

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