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Wedding hair and make up

One of the top concerns of our brides – after the dress! – is hair and make up. We work with a carefully selected team and there are a number of options available.


While some brides have been lucky enough to have a hairdresser friend among their guests, others need the help of a pro while they’re here. It is generally cheaper if the bride goes to the salon, but most hairdressers will come to the venue. It is important that this is booked as far in advance as possible, especially if the wedding is on a Saturday. Most hairdressers in Tuscany are closed on Mondays.

It is a good idea to have a trial in the UK and have photos taken, which can be sent in advance so the hairdresser knows what style you are aiming for.  If you haven’t yet discovered pinterest we recommend you take a look – there are hundreds of ideas and it’s easy to be inspired.  We generally book an appointment for a quick trial here too, so the hairdresser can get a feel for your hair and advise you on when to wash it before the wedding – some advise the day before so your hair is easier to handle.

If you are bringing a veil or a hairpiece it is important that the hairdresser knows how this needs to be attached – with clips or a comb. Fresh flowers are generally provided by the florist and can be woven in or attached with grips. Alternatively you can bring silk flowers with you.


Again, you may have a makeup artist friend in your wedding party, but if this is not the case don’t worry.

Manicures and pedicures are generally done the day before the wedding, along with a makeup trial, and again, it is cheaper if you go to the salon.  The makeup artist will bring everything with her so you don’t need to worry about supplies. However, it can be worth considering having a trial at home and buying the makeup to bring with you in order to recreate exactly the look you want – and you get to keep the products too!

Some brides do a makeup course with one or more of their bridesmaids and so are happy to let them take charge, others look for tutorials on youtube and experiment in their own homes, preferring to do their own makeup.

As with the hairdresser, it is important that you let us know well in advance if you want us to book a makeup artist, especially if your wedding is on a Saturday.