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Winter wedding?

While the wedding season tends to be busiest between May and September, there are a lot of good reasons for having a winter wedding.

Winter is ‘off-peak’ and this means it is possible to negotiate for special deals as suppliers are happy to have the business when they are relatively quiet. Some venues do close for the winter months but others are open all year round, and many have promotional packages for short breaks. While many insist on weekly bookings during the summer months there is much more flexibility in low season and this can also help you with your budget.  The fact that schools are closed means it should be easier for your friends and family – whether with children, or whether they are teachers –  to join you in Italy.

Dusk comes early, and it’s cold, so you can use candles, fairylights and open fireplaces to provide soft lighting and create a romantic atmosphere. Your theme should be easy to develop, using seasonal colours and decorations, and you can save money as internal decor will be the main focus.

The warm temperatures which can be a concern for some guests in the summer months won’t be an issue, and while they won’t be able to enjoy balmy afternoons sunbathing around the pool, they will certainly be able to do a lot more sightseeing, visiting the local cities of Florence, Siena and Arezzo, as well as sampling local products and visiting the Christmas markets, and this will make their trip to Italy for your wedding even more special and memorable.

So, if you are looking for ideas for a wedding in Italy, why not consider a winter wedding?





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